PARALLAX INDUSTRIES LTD is a Vancouver, British Columbia based fiber optic splicing and placing company that was formed in 2004. It was started by a management and operations team of industry leaders with extensive backgrounds in the telecommunications construction and service industry.

Parallax operates as a telecommunications and cable infrastructure contractor that offers specialized technical services to all telecommunications service providers. These services include design, construction, and maintenance of fiber optic networks, as well as residential and commercial distribution systems for TV, phone, internet, and data systems. Parallax works with existing and new telecommunications providers, as well as private dark fiber providers, educational institutions, businesses, and municipalities.


PARALLAX INDUSTRIES LTD. formed in 2004 by uniting a management and operations team of telecommunications..
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  • Aerial and Underground Structure and Cable Placement
  • Maintenance Services
  • Cable Splicing and Testing
  • Customer Support Services


Parallax Industries has a proven track record in the telecom industry using technical and operations expertise for our customers.
  • 2010 Olympics
  • Kamloops Q9 Data Centre
  • SFPR Project for MOT